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Vía Verde


Via Verde

The Via Verde de la Sierra  is situated at the foot of the sourthernmost mountain range of the Iberian Peninsula. Originally laid out for a railway line which was never built, it runs for 36 km between the villages of Cadiz Puerto Serrano and Olvera.

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This stunning route, running parallel to the banks of many rivers, passes through spectacular countryside such as the Rock of Zaframagón, one of the most populous vulture reserves in Europe.

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Rock of Zaframagón

The Rock of Zaframagón Nature Reserve is situated at the rear of the Sierra Lijar between the provinces of Cadiz and Seville in the heart of the Via Verde de la Sierra (some 6 miles from Coripe and 15 from Olvera).

This is a Nature Reserve of major importance, especially for accommodating and harbouring one of the largest colonies of griffon vultures in Europe. With its’ sheer and prominent crags, together with the fact that, hitherto, it was practically totally isolated from populated areas, the Rock provides the ideal habitat for the vultures to build their nests, usually in the steep walls, taking advantage of the presence of hollows, ledges and overhangs, and rear their young. Up to 200 breeding pairs have been recorded. The colony survives on scavenging food from the large farms in the region.