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We are pleased to introduce you to our programs and tours especially designed for students.

Activandalucía offers the possibility to design their course trips to any of our facilities with good value, given that no service is outsourced.

Experience in the development of these activities, our standing as one of the most experienced companies in Andalusian these activities.


Annually pass through our various facilities over 5000 children..

Our goal is to provide students with a dream vacation, aimed at uniting the fun with sports. Our group of qualified instructors and specialized, that apart from teaching, act as cheerleaders getting a group spirit, very difficult to achieve in the traditional school trip.

We offer a comprehensive service, which provides accommodation, full board, monitors, activities, nightlife, etc. teachers without having to worry about anything, just be companions.


Specialist groups, school trips, school, end of year, associations, business incentives, and disabled singles in Andalusia:

  • Málaga: Marbella, Álora, Humilladero
  • Cádiz: Olvera

Included in the price:

  • certified instructors
  •      food
  •      Technical Material and sports
  •      Sporting, Adventure and Environmental
    •      Liability insurance, health and accident

The input can be any day of the week.

Minimum group of 25 people. A free 25 people

Entry into accommodation 16h, 12h output.